Finger Tape™ About Us

About Us

We believe everyone can be awesome – we just want to help.

We really only just do one thing and it’s all about tape – but we think we’re pretty good at it. Finger Tape™ is a rigid adhesive athletic sports strapping tape specifically designed to prevent and manage finger injuries so that you can be awesome and stay awesome for as long as possible.

This website is largely our Finger Tape™ Online Store, but tucked away in the many pages you’ll also find the story behind Finger Tape™ and what it means to us and to our many valued customers.

We have 5 very simple goals:

  • We want you to feel inspired when you see our tape
  • We want you to feel excited when you buy our tape
  • We want you to feel confident (read awesome!) when you wear our tape
  • We want you to feel satisfied (even) when you remove our tape
  • We want you to feel the need to share your feelings (about our tape) with others