Finger Tape™ Clearance

Finger Tape™ Clearance generally includes products that have had some misfortune along the way. Perhaps they’ve been dented, bruised, torn during shipment and delivery, or they’re just a little dirty and unattractive because they’ve been sitting around unloved for too long.

Whatever the case may be, they’re less than perfect, and so have had to give up their place on the retail shelf. However, they’re new, unused, and still way too good to simply throw away.

All seconds and clearance stock will still do what they’re supposed to do and still be as awesome as they can be. So if you don’t mind a few imperfections and want to enjoy huge savings on our normal retail stock, you should be checking out our seconds and clearance stock.

Finger Tape™ Clearance stock is NOT second-hand or used stock.

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