Finger Tape™ Climbing

Finger Tape™ for Climbing

Finger Tape™ for Climbing

Finger Tape™ is the preferred tape for climbers while climbing. Whether you’re a serious competitor or a social climber, Finger Tape™ rigid adhesive athletic sports strapping tape can help you prevent and manage finger injuries while you’re being awesome.

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Why Finger Tape™ for Climbing?

Finger Tape™ offers the perfect selection of tape products for climbing. Your ability to climb depends greatly on your fingers, so look after them with all-around protection while you’re being active and totally awesome.

Finger Tape™ has been popular within the Australian climbing community. Many of our climbers and climbing customers use Finger Tape™ (and Finger Tape™ Wide) for added protection against cuts, scrapes, and gashes and for stability against sprains and hyperextension. The thickness and durability of Finger Tape™ make it the perfect companion for people wanting to excel at climbing. Enjoy the feel, the forgiveness, and confidence of joint support to your fingers knowing that you’re doing what you can to keep them strong and injury-free.

Need something a bit wider? Finger Tape™ Wide has been specially designed for larger hands, longer fingers or just when you think you need or prefer wider tape. Finger Tape™ Wide also offers joint mobility, with protection, support, and stability against sprains and hyperextension. We’re always listening to our customers and this is what you’ve all been asking for.

Prevention is better than the cure

Taking preventative measures by taping your fingers with Finger Tape™ is the best thing you can do for your fingers and ‘future you’ will thank you. If you’re taping your fingers properly according to your activity or your issues then you’re going to improve your chances of preventing or help you in recovering from finger injuries. We’ve never had a customer who regretted taping their fingers. However, there have been many people who have since become customers because they’ve regretted not taping their fingers. Now they always tape their fingers to both prevent and to manage finger injuries. Unlike them, you don’t have to learn this same lesson the hard way. You know better and you can do better too. Start now if you don’t already tape your fingers.

Saving time and money

Buying Finger Tape™ also means you’re going to be saving time and money. Our products are specially designed for fingers. Other sports strapping tapes available from the local chemist or sports store weren’t designed for fingers which means that you must cut or tear those tapes to fit your fingers. Not only is that unnecessary, but it’s also messy, it’s a hassle and it’s a waste of time. If you’ve done it before, you’ll understand. You’ll also know the frustration of not getting it right because it probably means you’re wasting the tape and more time from having to start all over again. Our products were designed with you and your fingers in mind because we know what you want and we know what you need.

Applying Finger Tape™ for Climbing

How you apply Finger Tape™ or Finger Tape™ Wide or any of our other tape products depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. You can provide support between each joint or knuckle by applying a cross-application behind the joints for stability. You might also want or need to use the ‘buddy system’ in taping two or more fingers together for added strength – especially where one finger has been sprained and needs the support of its neighbouring ‘buddy’. Whatever the purpose, reason or application, you can always check out our full range of tape products in our Finger Tape™ Online Store to find the right tape for you.

About Finger Tape™

Finger Tape™ rigid adhesive athletic sports strapping tape helps active and awesome sports people prevent and manage finger injuries and sprains. Let us help you do and keep on doing what you do best.

Finger Tape™ has been designed to fit your fingers without cutting, tearing or ripping so that you’re not wasting your time and you can avoid the mess and hassle of other sports strapping tape. Its latex-free adhesive means it stays on when you need it but it will also come off easily and cleanly when you want it to with minimal sticky residue. Our commitment to quality products, awesome people, and strong communities means you get to enjoy the peace of mind that you’re preventing or managing your finger injuries and at the same time join a growing family of other awesome people – just like you, just like us.

Let Finger Tape™ become a part of your normal climbing training and competition kit.

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