Finger Tape™ FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’ve got your answers. Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQs) here – everything (almost) that you need to know about Finger Tape™, our products, the way we do business and lots in between.

Compare Finger Tape™

There’s only one Finger Tape™. Finger Tape™ is specifically designed for your fingers (and toes).

Of course, there are lots of different kinds of rigid adhesive sports or athletic strapping tape on the market. But we’re sure that you’ll find most of them aren’t well suited for your fingers. They’re normally too wide unless you’ve got huge hands of course. But, for the rest of us (non-giants), those wider tapes are going to need some cutting or tearing before they’ll fit our fingers.

We’ve been there and done that. We used to cut our normal sports strapping tape to fit our fingers so we know exactly what it’s like. It’s inconvenient, time-consuming, and unnecessarily messy – that’s what it is! Also, if you don’t cut your tape properly, it’s going to be wasted as well. We know you know what we mean. So what’s the solution?

Finger Tape™ – we get rid of all of those hassles by offering you a quick, simple and low-cost solution for all your finger-taping needs. Once you start using Finger Tape™ tape products you’ll come to realise and appreciate the ease and convenience that we provide and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using our tape products sooner!

In 2019, we made the bold move of replacing all of our cotton tape with rayon tape. Rayon is a heavier and more durable material compared to cotton and was previously only used with our Finger Tape™ Premium product. As a result of customer feedback, we’ve now introduced the rayon material across our product range so that you, our customers can enjoy the premium product regardless of what you buy.

It’s the material. Finger Tape™ Lite is made from cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre. It’s a light and relatively low-cost material with a degree of elasticity. You’ll probably want to use Finger Tape™ Lite when you want something cheaper that allows some movement and mobility without compromising on the protection that Finger Tape™ offers. If you’re after something a bit different from the ‘standard’ white, then perhaps consider our Finger Tape™ Special Edition products (which are also made from cotton).

Finger Tape™ Premium is made from rayon which is a man-made fibre. It’s heavier, thicker and stronger than our cotton tape products. Finger Tape™ Premium has proven itself time and time again to be more enduring and longer-lasting than other cotton tape products. So if you’re in the market for something that’s many consider to be better quality because you want the confidence that it can handle those tough situations, then Finger Tape™ Premium is the tape for you.

Still not sure? Why not try it out for yourself or check out our comparison table for more information about Finger Tape™ Lite and Finger Tape™ Premium.

In 2019, we replaced Finger Tape™ Lite with Finger Tape™ White and Finger Tape™ Premium with Finger Tape™ Brown. The cotton material previously used in Finger Tape™ Lite has also been replaced with the rayon material meaning the only difference between Finger Tape™ White and Finger Tape™ Brown now is the colour.

It’s the material. Most other tapes for fingers are made from cotton (ie, Tape Armor, Tape & Roll, Finger Rollies) – much like our Finger Tape™ Lite and Finger Tape™ Special Edition products. Some other tapes that people have been using on their fingers are actually kinesiology tapes. But kinesiology tapes are designed for a totally different purpose other than rigid sporting tapes for fingers. We don’t recommend it, in the same way, we don’t recommend using Finger Tape™ for anything else than what it’s been designed for. Do your research and make sure you have the right product for the right purpose.

If you haven’t tried Finger Tape™ Premium yet, then we think you’re really missing out. While all of our products are of the highest quality, as the name suggests, Finger Tape™ Premium is our premium tape product. It’s made from rayon, which is a heavier, thicker and stronger material than cotton and caters for heavy-duty situations when durability counts. That’s why we call it Finger Tape™ Premium, because rayon is a premium material compared to cotton and has qualities that not only increase the benefits but also the cost. Don’t regret when what you thought was tough, was not tough enough. Be prepared. Be awesome. Save your grips.

In 2019, we introduced the rayon material used in Finger Tape™ Premium across the range of our tape products and so no matter what you buy from Finger Tape™, you can be sure that you are receiving a premium product.

Despite the popularity of our cotton tape, such as Finger Tape™ Lite, many of our customers said that they preferred the weight, strength and durability of the rayon tape, such as Finger Tape™ Premium, but ‘maybe we could do it in a different colour’.

Our products are based on customer feedback. We rely on it immensely and when we receive it, we consider it seriously. In late 2018, we started experimenting with the idea of standardising the quality across our product range and replacing our normal cotton tape products with rayon tape. This triggered a range of minor changes to also standardise the names and the prices across all of our products. So to make things simple, Finger Tape™ Lite is now known as Finger Tape™ White, and Finger Tape™ Premium is now known as Finger Tape™ Brown. They are all now made from a rayon material and they are all now the same price. Simple.

Finger Tape™ Black and Finger Tape™ Pink are part of our special edition collection – Finger Tape™ Special Edition products. Finger Tape™ Black was released for sale on 1 November 2016 and Finger Tape™ Pink was released for sale on 1 February 2018. Both Finger Tape™ Black and Finger Tape™ Pink are made from cotton, identical to our best-selling tape Finger Tape™ Lite, except that we’ve made it in a black colour and pink colour in response to overwhelming customer interest and requests. You asked. We listened. We did.

So if you’re one of our many customers who absolutely love Finger Tape™ Lite but you’re tired of wearing the same white tape every day and you wanted to try something different – then perhaps Finger Tape™ Black and Finger Tape™ Pink are going to be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Now you don’t just have to be awesome, you can also look awesome. Be aware that depending on demand, some of the tape found in our special edition collection may also be in stock for a limited time only.

Although Finger Tape™ Pink was popular, it wasn’t popular enough and will not form part of our product range in 2019. Limited stock of Finger Tape™ Pink may still be available from the Finger Tape™ Online Store or selected authorised resellers. We hope to re-introduce Finger Tape™ Pink in the near future depending on demand.

Ha! We’re unable to confirm or deny these rumours! If you’ve been following the developments in our special edition collection you’d know that we’ve had lots of success with our range of different colours. We don’t take this success for granted though. The popularity of our special edition collection is solely due to customer demand and feedback. All we can say is watch this space! We’re always working on something and there’s always something in the pipeline.

Finger Tape™ Wide was released for sale on 1 June 2017. Finger Tape™ Wide was specially designed to meet the needs of climbers with a wider 16mm tape, as opposed to the original 8mm tape – however, it’s also become a favourite of fighters too. Who would have guessed? Many of our customers who have grown to rely on our ‘normal’ tape also incorporate the wider tape into their taping regime.

So, if you’re after Finger Tape™ Lite or Finger Tape™ Premium, but you want something wider than 8mm, try Finger Tape™ Lite Wide and Finger Tape™ Premium Wide. You asked. We listened. We did.

Some people have asked us why we introduced Finger Tape™ Wide when we launched with and stood by our original 8mm tape. The answer to that is simple. We’re not too proud to listen to customer feedback. Even though we think our tape is good, if a customer tells us genuinely how we can improve – we listen. It’s not always possible to implement every piece of feedback that we receive for a variety of reasons. But when we can, we do.

No, and it’s not meant to be. Finger Tape™ is a rigid adhesive sports strapping tape designed specifically to provide support and stability for your fingers. You can use Finger Tape™ to prevent or manage finger injuries, especially in grip-intensive physical activities.

Kinesiology tape or elastic therapeutic tape is a type of thin, elastic cotton tape that can stretch and allow a greater range of motion than the traditional rigid sports strapping tape. Kinesiology tape is designed to be worn for extended periods of time (ie, Rocktape claim you can wear their tape up to 5 days) and it’s supposed to improve athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury, and speed healing by slightly lifting skin away from sore or injured tissues to improve blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and allow injured joints and muscles to recover without impeding their range of motion.

Whether kinesiology tape actually does all these things is still being debated, but one thing’s for sure – it’s become more and more popular over the last decade and is now very much a fashion statement with amateur and professional sports people with varied shapes, patterns, and colours. Perhaps this will be the future of Finger Tape™ too. But for now, we’re more focused on the functionality and practical qualities, and the short and long-term benefits of taping your fingers with rigid adhesive sports strapping tape. Even though you might look awesome wearing Finger Tape™, it’s not really intended to be a fashion statement. So once it’s served its purpose (ie, you’ve completed your activity), we like to think you’ll remove it and then dispose of it thoughtfully.

We understand that Rocktape and KT Tape are kinesiology tapes. So if you’re looking for kinesiology tape, then perhaps you should consider Rocktape or KT Tape. Many people that we know including our customers use Rocktape for their kinesiology tape needs.

Finger Tape™ is not kinesiology tape. Finger Tape™ is rigid adhesive sports strapping tape designed specifically for your fingers. However, if you’re still not sure whether you should be using kinesiology tape or rigid sports strapping tape, then you should probably try them out for yourself to see which you prefer, and what works best for you and your activity.

No! There is only one Finger Tape™. Our success has seen an explosion of others attempting to copy our products and business processes. Unfortunately, we can’t really put a stop to everyone who tries to mimic us and as they say, it’s the best form of flattery. We think this simply means that we’re doing something right and others want to be like us. So while copies will always exist, there is only one Finger Tape™. Anyone else or any other tape claiming to be Finger Tape™ is not. Period.

Finger Tape™ exists because it’s what you wanted and it’s what you’ve asked for – we just answered the calling.

We’ve invested heavily in product testing by comparing different materials, adhesives, and widths from different manufacturers. We’ve listened to customer feedback to choose which combinations of each attribute in the tape are necessary, and which are the most desirable, and we’ve determined a fine balance between all before deciding on our final products. Many months of sampling, testing and feedback go into each product release. Everything about our product has been carefully planned and designed all the way from the brand to packaging and accessories. Each is intended to maximize your customer experience and satisfaction.

It’s not just about the tape.

Our Products

Finger Tape™ Premium is made from rayon, while Finger Tape™ Lite (and our special edition collection) is made from cotton. In all of our tape products, the tape material is lined with zinc oxide adhesive and is latex-free.

As mentioned, our special edition collection is also made from cotton, like Finger Tape™ Lite, and the only difference is that it comes in a range of different colours as requested by our customers.

Finger Tape™ uses a zinc oxide adhesive. Aside from being used as an adhesive for Finger Tape™ and many other sporting tape products, zinc oxide can be found in baby powder and barrier creams to treat diaper rashes, calamine cream, anti-dandruff shampoos, sunscreen lotion, and antiseptic ointments. In other words, zinc oxide is non-toxic and is intended to not cause allergic reactions when used on your skin.

In the unlikely event you’re experiencing some irritation, then you should stop using the tape immediately and seek medical assistance to avoid any possible complications.

Yes, it probably will! During our extensive product testing, the feedback from our customers was that the sample tapes that didn’t leave residue also lacked sufficiently strong adhesive. Those sample tapes often failed once they became wet or when they were subjected to friction through normal use. Naturally, we determined that there was a direct correlation between residue and adhesive (ie, the ‘stickier’ the tape, the more likely it would leave a residue.)

The feedback also concluded that our customers were willing to sacrifice the inconvenience of tape that left residue for tape that had a strong adhesive and was reliable. We listened and we delivered. So that’s what you’ll find with all of our Finger Tape™ products. Reliability when it counts, even at the cost and ‘inconvenience’ of residue. When asked about the issue with residue, many of our customers simply answered, “It’s ok, I’ll just wash my hands.” Simple.

No. We don’t claim that any Finger Tape™ product is hypoallergenic. Finger Tape™ products have not been tested for this purpose and so you should always take care when trying our products for the first time. Some of our customers say that although they normally have allergic reactions to other tapes, they don’t (or at least haven’t) had an allergic reaction to using Finger Tape™ products.

Finger Tape™ products, such as Finger Tape™ Premium, Finger Tape™ Lite, and our special edition collection use a zinc-oxide-based adhesive that is latex free. This means people who are normally allergic to latex products can try any Finger Tape™ product with confidence.

If you’re using our products for the first time (especially if you have a known allergy or sensitivity to some tape material or adhesives), you should always test our products to ensure that you do not experience a reaction. Start by applying a small piece of tape to your fingers and leaving it against your skin for limited periods of time. You can slowly increase the amount of tape and the length of time to your normal intended application.

If you experience any discomfort, sensitivity or possible allergic reaction, you should stop using the tape immediately and seek medical assistance to avoid any possible complications.

Finger Tape™ is made in China. It’s also stated on our packaging. Realistically, manufacturing Finger Tape™ in China was the best way for us to offer you the best solution for your finger-taping needs at these low prices.

No – at least we don’t think so. Lots of products are made in China these days! Just look on the shelf of your local department store or supermarket and Finger Tape™ is no different.

Finger Tape™ is a quality product. Before choosing our manufacturer and the tape, we subjected all tape samples to extensive product testing. Our customers simply choose what they liked the most. The fact that Finger Tape™ products are made in China was and is irrelevant in terms of any quality concerns.

All of our Finger Tape™ products have been carefully designed, tested and selected – from the tape to the packaging and everything in between. Isn’t that obvious?

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re using the genuine Finger Tape™ product is to look for our website address or our logo printed on the inner core/roll of the tape – who else would promote us but us? But if in doubt, just make sure to buy directly from the Finger Tape™ Online Store or from one of our approved resellers or retailers (you can find a list here).

As you may know, there are others who have attempted to copy what we do so if you have any suspicions that the product you are using is not a genuine Finger Tape™ product, please contact us immediately

We will try – but it really depends on your issue. If it’s important to you, then it’s important to us. However, realistically it needs to be something that’s important to or shared by others in order for us to justify making changes. The investment into manufacturing is high and so if there is sufficient demand, we can achieve many things (or as it happened in the past, we had to change manufacturers and develop a new product with that manufacturer, which can be a long and drawn out process of further product testing).

In our view, product testing doesn’t stop just because we’ve committed ourselves to producing Finger Tape™ Premium and Finger Tape™ Lite. Product testing is ongoing and is just as important now as it was when we were undergoing our initial product testing. Your feedback helps us ensure that we’re offering the right product at the right price. It also helps us develop new products, like the special edition collection, to ensure that we’re constantly meeting your needs. So as much as we love hearing positive feedback, negative and constructive feedback is just as important.

Finger Tape™ Premium and Finger Tape™ Lite aren’t what they are today because of positive feedback only. There were other sample tapes and their respective manufacturers who didn’t make it to the final cut because we took note of what people didn’t need and what they didn’t like in a tape, and that feedback helped us refine exactly what Finger Tape™ should be. Now that’s important.

Yes. Check out our special edition collection to see what are the latest ‘other colours’.

The production of different colours requires demand and volume. If you want a colour that isn’t part of our special edition collection, then please contact us so that we can provide a quote to supply you or your club customised colour Finger Tape™ of your choice.

This is probably our most commonly asked question!

Yes, Finger Tape™ comes in different widths. Although we consider 8mm to be the most ‘natural’ width for tape intended to be used for fingers, in addition to our original Finger Tape™ product line we also sell a wider 16mm tape – Finger Tape™ Wide.

During our extensive product testing, our customers tested a variety of widths starting at 5mm through to 125mm (being the narrowest width that many non-specialised retailers sell). In most cases, tapes that were narrower than 8mm wide were vulnerable to peeling or rolling unless the tape was wound several times to give strength and integrity to the application. In other cases, tapes that were wider than 8mm tended to interfere with joints and knuckles restricting finger movement to the point that it became more hindrance than aid. Even if customers had bigger or smaller hands, which could justify a different width tape, the 8mm tape still worked out to be the most usable width on average.

You spoke, we listened and we followed. The overwhelming support for 8mm tape resulted in it being adopted as our standard. On 1 June 2017, due to popular demand we introduced Finger Tape™ Wide! At 16mm, Finger Tape™ Wide is double the width of our 8mm original Finger Tape™. On sale now.

No, we only sell Finger Tape™. That’s it!

Of course many customers ask us about selling other tapes, such as kinesiology tape, however that’s not what we’re about – our name says it all.

Never say never, but for the moment the answer is ‘no’. Our goal really isn’t to produce all kinds of tape, our focus is really on Finger Tape™ only. We’d need to invest substantial resources and complete our research/product testing before we would put our name on kinesiology tape – no different to what we did with our current product range. However, if there’s overwhelming demand for kinesiology tape, then there’s always a possibility that we’ll look at producing kinesiology tape as well – but in that sense, we’re going to be guided by you/our customers.

Our Prices

Maybe. As much as we try to keep our prices down, Finger Tape™ is probably not going to be the cheapest, but it’s certainly one of the best-valued tapes you can find – especially if you buy from the Finger Tape™ Online Store (our discount coupon campaign for existing and repeat customers ensures that our tape is not only one of the best-valued tapes, but in many cases it becomes one of the cheapest (in price) tapes in the market!)

Of course, if you’re just looking for ‘cheaper’, there’s always going to be lots of cheaper tapes. Of course, you don’t always have to use sporting tape, kinesiology tape or medical tape of any sort. In fact, we know people who use vinyl electrical tape while remaining totally awesome in what they do (although, we’re not sure whether electrical tape is actually cheaper than the other ‘traditional’ alternatives).

A word of warning – choosing tape solely on price may leave you dissatisfied and disappointed. During our extensive product testing, we asked our customers the important question about ‘price vs quality’. Sometimes cheap in price also means cheap in quality. The overwhelming response was that they were prepared to pay a little more for quality tape over the cheaper lesser quality tape. No one wanted to buy tape that was ineffective or didn’t last, even if it was cheaper. The most important question was whether the tape did what it was supposed to do.

We initially tested cheaper tape to offer a comparison, but there is a simple fact in life and that is ‘you get what you paid for’. The feedback to the ‘cheaper’ tape was poor because the quality of the material and the adhesive wasn’t what they had expected or needed. In other words, the cheap tape failed to pass the test of being awesome. Our customers eventually chose the ‘more expensive’ samples over cheaper and lower quality alternatives, and the chosen samples are the products that we sell today as Finger Tape™ Lite and Finger Tape™ Premium products. It’s that simple.

We’ve done our best to find a balance between quality at the lowest possible price, and so without rendering ourselves financially unsustainable, we’ve determined a product and price according to the feedback that we’ve received. We hope that by listening to our customers and providing them with what they’ve asked for, we’ve struck the right balance. If you think otherwise, please tell us – your feedback is valuable.

The more you buy, the more we’d be able to consider offering wholesale pricing – just like what our resellers enjoy. But of course this isn’t for everyone, which is why we don’t promote it. The Finger Tape™ Online Store is really for consumers. If you want to buy in bulk, just contact us and we can discuss what we’re able to offer you.

You can also consider Finger Tape™ Bundles for attractive discounts and savings.

We have discounts and specials from time to time. The best thing would be to follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date with any promotions to score yourself a bargain.

Finger Tape™ is manufactured and imported from China, and so its cost is subject to exchange rate fluctuations. While we’ll try to maintain the current pricing, there’s no telling what will happen in the future – and so, we never say never. If there’s a change, we’ll make sure it’s very clearly announced on our website, and through social media. For now, there are no plans to change the pricing even if the Australian dollar continues to tumble. Fingers crossed!

The simple answer is the cost.

Finger Tape™ Lite and Finger Tape™ Premium are made from different materials. Finger Tape™ Premium is made from a thicker and heavier material then Finger Tape™ Lite, and this translates into higher production costs, higher shipping/importation costs, and therefore a higher retail price. You get what you pay for – which is also why we call it Finger Tape™ Premium.

In 2019, we replaced Finger Tape™ Lite with Finger Tape™ White and Finger Tape™ Premium with Finger Tape™ Brown. All tape is now made from the same rayon material previously only used in Finger Tape™ Premium. As the material is the same, the price difference between these products no longer applies.

Hang on, it’s not our intention to present single packs of Finger Tape™ products as ‘more expensive’. In fact, it’s the other way around.

We’ve intentionally priced the bulk packs of Finger Tape™ to offer you a ‘better value’ alternative to the single packs because it means we’re able to package the rolls and offer it at a lower cost per roll. That’s good news if you’re a regular user. If you’re using tape to stay awesome on a regular basis, then why not buy a bulk pack instead of buying two single packs? That’s how you should look at it.

At the moment, no – however, it’s something we’re looking at with a great deal of interest.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether there’s a sufficient business case to launch a subscription service. However, if this is something that you’d be interested in, please let us know. The more customers who ask for a subscription service, the more likely it will then justify implementation. How exciting!

Easy. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram or Twitter. From time to time, we’ll announce coupons that will entitle you to huge savings and discounts off our range of Finger Tape™ products. Like and share – as our following increases, so will our ability to offer these promotions from time to time.

Points & Rewards

We intend to slowly phase out “Points & Rewards” because it has been under-utilised by our customers. We are currently in the process of replacing it with a more attractive discount coupon campaign. If you have any unexpired points, please use them before 30 June 2018.

You earn points by buying products from the Finger Tape™ Online Store. For every $1 that your spend on product, you receive 1 point. Depending on the announcement at the time, you may also earn points for mentioning us, or sharing our pages and posts on social media or taking part in reviews or surveys.

The points that you have accumulated can be redeemed for credit that you apply towards buying more product from the Finger Tape™ Online Store. For every 10 points, you can redeem $1 credit. The credit can be used in your purchases, up to 50% of the cart total.

No. Points only apply to what you buy from the Finger Tape™ Online Store.

No. Your points can only be redeemed for credit towards buying products from the Finger Tape™ Online Store, up to 50% of the cart total.

Your points will expire 6 months after you earn them (ie, the date of your order). To benefit from your points, you must use them by redeeming them for credit and applying the credit to your purchase.

No, your points are not transferrable. The intention of points and rewards was to provide an incentive for those customers who spent more in the Finger Tape™ Online Store either with larger transactions or more frequent transactions.

Making Payments

At the moment, we only accept payment by credit card. We’ve trialled a few different payment gateways over the years but always seem to come back to our friends at PayPal.

Yes, you must make payment before we process your order as we currently do not sell on ‘credit’ nor do we have any plans to set up credit facilities.

You’ll need to enter your payment details during the checkout process. Your order will be processed once we receive confirmation that payment has been completed successfully (this all happens between us and the payment gateway so it’s not something that you need to worry about). Of course, if there are any issues with your order or making payment, please contact us immediately.


We currently rely on Australia Post for all of our deliveries in Australia.

We can deliver to other countries with Finger Tape™ International Starter Packs or with custom orders. Before ordering, please check our list of authorised resellers to see if there’s a reseller in your country who’d be able to assist you. You may always contact us for more information.

Delivery is a flat rate. Local delivery to Australia is $9.90, and international delivery depends on the destination. Our Finger Tape™ International Starter Packs come with fixed-price delivery to any destination (other than Australia) depending on which size (small, medium or large) you choose.

At this stage, no. However, in light of increasing postage costs and longer delivery times, we’re considering to allow pickups from our registered office in Parramatta, New South Wales.

Yes. Once your order has been processed, we’ll update your order details with a tracking number so that you can track the delivery status yourself.

Your tracking details will appear under your order on your ‘My Account’ page. If you’re having issues with this or accessing the information that you need, please just contact us so that we can assist you with your enquiry.

Unless we’ve announced otherwise on this website, we’ll process your order as soon as it arrives and payment has been confirmed.

This generally means that all orders will be posted within 1 business day depending on the time of your order, and deliveries should take between 2-4 business days* depending on your delivery address (ie, regional, interstate or international destinations will probably take longer than local deliveries). Once your order has been processed, we’ll update your order details with a tracking number so that you can track the delivery status yourself.

*In January 2016, Australia Post announced that deliveries will now take longer (while increasing the cost of postage). Unfortunately, this potentially means that deliveries will take longer than the estimated 2-4 business days. We’ll continue to monitor delivery times and hope to receive your feedback.

Yes, we deliver internationally. Either choose from one of our Finger Tape™ International Starter Packs, contact us to make a custom order or check whether we have an authorised reseller in your country.


No, you can buy Finger Tape™ from any of our authorised retailers or distributors (to be announced soon). However, if you want to buy Finger Tape™ online through the Finger Tape™ Online Store, then yes – you’ll need to register on this website and set up an account before your order can be processed.

We only use your personal information for our purposes, which is to complete the transaction, to deliver goods to you, and to provide you with information or contact you about special offers and discounts that may benefit you in the future. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone else without your prior written approval.

We only keep the information that you register on the account and your activity on our website. Generally, this is limited to your name, address, telephone number and email address – and your past transactions.

You should be able to access all of your information through the ‘My Account‘ page.

Yes, a record of your past orders are kept in our database.

You should be able to access this information through your account page. Our Points & Rewards program (while it remains active) relies on tracking previous orders and spending to provide benefits to our customers like you.


We receive lots of requests for sponsorship. Despite the sponsorship dollar being hard to come by, we’re willing to get behind people with a purpose and help them out as best we can in what they want to achieve.

If you’re an athlete and you’re interested, then it’s best for you to contact us and tell us a little about yourself – paying special attention to your ‘circle of influence’.

We rarely sponsor people who ask us for sponsorship (unless we already had an eye on them). Why? Because we would approach and invite the people who we think meet our criteria for sponsorship – we’ll need convincing with everyone else.

At the top of our list, are our existing and repeat customers who have a proven track record of buying, using and promoting our brand and our products – all of the things we expect from our brand ambassadors.

Sponsorship is a simple business. You need to have a public profile and you need to have a circle of influence. Generally, your circle of influence will be mainly made up of your friends and your followers (on social media or otherwise). The more friends and followers that you have, the bigger your circle of influence will be. A potential sponsor is likely to consider a bigger circle of influence to be more valuable than a smaller circle of influence, especially if the people within your circle of influence are within that sponsor’s target market. As a sponsored athlete, your sponsor’s goal will be to access the people within your circle of influence and market to/communicate with them through you and because of you.

Yes, there are Finger Tape™ Brand Ambassadors. Admittedly there aren’t many, but they’re there – check them out on Facebook or Instagram. If you can’t work out who they are, let us know – it may just mean that they’re not doing a great job at being a brand ambassador and we need to review that sponsorship arrangement!

No, you don’t have to be a successful competitor to be sponsored by us.

We’re really looking for motivated down-to-earth people who influence the people around them. You don’t have to be a competitor and you don’t have to be a champion – that’s only one measure of success. If you’re a competitor, that’s great for you but it’s not necessary for us and it’s not a requirement to be chosen as a sponsored athlete. The majority of our customers aren’t competitors. They’re just everyday awesome people, just like us.

We rely on our Finger Tape™ Brand Ambassadors to represent us, our brand and our products in a positive light. They’re also responsible for collecting feedback (formally and informally) from the people and organisations that they interact with to help us understand the market and our customers. As the public face of Finger Tape™, we expect that our Finger Tape™ Brand Ambassadors will actively promote Finger Tape™ on and off social media on an ongoing regular basis.

TAPE! Ok, so our sponsored athletes get tape – that would be expected, right? There are some other financial benefits however they’re on a case by case depending on the individual athlete.


See a list of our Authorised Resellers.

Becoming an Authorised Reseller can be as easy as contacting us. There are no strict requirements to qualify, however, we reserve the right to assess each request at our discretion. Let’s not get confused, we don’t have plans for ‘world domination’ – we just want to get our products out to as many awesome people as we can. Offer them an alternative to whatever they’re using, or confidence that they can continue their activities while protecting their finger or managing their finger injuries.

Yes, and no. We’re not really strict about minimum order quantities. We don’t want to impose a burden on anyone who intends to do business with us and we try to accommodate any reasonable request. Ultimately, our goal is to find genuine partners who are committed to being (or at least becoming) an Authorised Reseller.